Tattoo AfterCare

With second skin

After the first 24 hours

Leave the tattoo with the second skin placed by the tattoo artist for 24 hours. And after this...
Personal Hygiene
STEP ONE, wash your hands with soap
Tattoo Care
STEP TWO, remove second skin carefully.
Tattoo Cleaning
STEP THREE, wash the tattoo with room temperature water and soap without perfume("s8 red soap" from your bag). Green soap if you have.
STEP FOUR, wipe with a paper towel, gently pat over without using forceps, let it dry for 10 min.
Tattoo Care
STEP FIVE, wash the tattoo 3 times a day for 2-3 days after removing the plastic. Lubricate the tattoo with a thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream in your Taurusink bag ( you can use Eucerin Aquaphor too)
after each wash.
STEP SIX, after completing the first 3 days period with Taurusink aftecare, we recommend coconut oil for lubrication. You can continue whit the coconut oil 3 times a day for about 2 weeks.
STEP SEVEN, Things to avoid when you have a fresh tattoo are direct sunlight/solarium. The sun that hits the tattoo will burn you, create a crust, and hurt you. You should also not swim, regardless of water, either in the sea, pool, or bathtub. Feel free to wait with training the first week, as sweating can cause you to sweat out ink from the tattoo.


Remember, a new tattoo is an open wound. Bacteria and impurities can lead to infection or cause a slower healing process.
Without second skin
Leave the tattoo with the plastic foil placed by the tattoo artist for 5-6 hours. And after this...
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