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Tattoo Facts

After the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped in 1932, many worried parents had their children tattooed.
Early tattoo methods included using chisels, rakes, or picks. The soot-covered thread was also used. The thread would be sewn through the skin.
In 1955, the assistant secretary of defense x suggested that citizens tattoo their blood type on their arms if there was an attack against the U.S.
The most tattooed man in the world is Gregory Paul McLaren (1971), also known as Lucky Diamond Rich. He is 100% tattooed, including the inside of his foreskin, mouth, and ears.
The second most tattooed person in the world is Tom Leppard (1934) from the Isle of Sky, Scotland. Also known as the "Leopard Man," his body is 99.9% covered in tattoos.
The skin is pierced between 50 and 3,000 times a minute by a tattoo machine to get a tattoo.
Not all skin on the body is the same and will not take tattoo pigment the same. For example, tattoos on elbows, knuckles, knees, and feet are infamous for fading.
A survey in 2012 revealed that 59% of people with tattoos are women, with the most popular images being hearts and angels.
It only takes three days for inner lip tattoos to heal due to the rapid regeneration of the cells. Because of this, they will also fade and disappear in 1-5 years.
FACT #10
Tattooing is illegal in Iran, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.
FACT #11
When having a tattoo laser removed, black is the easiest color to remove because it absorbs more laser waves, while green and yellow are the most difficult to remove.
FACT #12
Unsanitary tattooing practices can transmit diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV; however, there has yet to be an actual case of HIV being transmitted via a tattoo application.
FACT #13
One of the oldest recorded tattoo ink recipes consists of Egyptian pine bark, corroded bronze, vinegar, vitriol, leek juice, and insect eggs.
FACT #14
hen starting an apprenticeship, aspiring tattoo artists usually practice on fruit. Grapefruit, oranges, and lemons are the closest texture to human skin.
FACT #15
New Zealanders are the most tattooed people in the world. This is due mainly to the island's Mãori, who still get traditional Polynesian tattoos.
FACT #16
The oldest known tattooed human skin to date is found on the body of Ötzi the Iceman, who was estimated between 3370 and 3100 BC. His body was found in the Alps and had 61 tattoos of simple dots and lines using carbon ink.
FACT #17
In 1891, the first electric tattoo machine was invented and patented by Samuél O'Reilly. The tattoo gun stemmed from Edison's electric pen when O'Reilly added needles and an ink reservoir.
FACT #18
The world's richest tattoo artist is Scott Campbell, who charges $1,000 per hour and only works on the weekends.
FACT #19
In 2005, Kimberly Smith tattooed "" on her forehead to pay for her son's tuition, making her the first person to have a tattoo for advertisement.
FACT #20
The most extended tattoo session record is 56 hours and 30 minutes. The artist, Krzysztof Barnas, finished 11 tattoos, and he was only allowed 5 minutes after every hour to rest.
FACT #21
The word "tattoo" is one of the most misspelled words in English. It is
commonly spelled as "tatoo."
FACT #22
58% of women have at least one tattoo, while only 41% of men have one. However, women are twice as likely to get their tattoos removed as men.
FACT #23
23% of people regret their tattoos, with the biggest regret being a tattooed name.

FACT #24
In the United States, Miami has the most tattoo shops, with about 24 shops for every 100,000 people. The city with the least is Salina, Kansas with two shops for every 100,000 people.
FACT #25
The first professional tattoo artist in the U.S. was a German immigrant, Martin Hildebrandt, who arrived in Boston in 1846.
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