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Read before you get a tattoo

You keep thinking about those small tattoos you saw on Instagram. We understand, and here's what you need to know before immortalizing them on your skin.
Wait! How did everyone suddenly start getting tattoos? Just like leopard print miniskirts, tiny tattoos suddenly became noticeable everywhere. Why? Technology allows professionals to write miniature works of art on your body quickly. This is great because small tattoos are easier to hide and don't hurt as much. Your possibilities are endless - you can have dozens of hidden signs on your body, each of which means something valuable to you.
One of the most popular tattoos for couples

Four things to do as a start:

  • Explore, explore ...
    Now is not the time to look for bargains. Follow tattoo profiles on Instagram to decide which styles you like the most. View tons of photos,
    read customer reviews - this will help you navigate.
  • Make sure that the Tattoo studio is professional (TaurusINK)
    There is no room for compromises. The tattoo artist should use disposable gloves and needles. The tattoo chair you will be tattooed on must be covered with paper sheets or cleaned carefully. You need one look to identify irregularities. If this happens, run away from the studio immediately.
  • Be definite about the design
    If you don't like the sketch that the tattoo artist offers you, share your opinion immediately or shut up forever. Feel free to ask for a new sketch - professionals are used to picky customers. And if they are not - it's not your problem. A tattoo is something you do now and forever.
  • Prepare your skin
    Exfoliate and moisturize regularly, a month before the tattoo. The ink will penetrate better into the skin, and the lines will become more precise.
Are you ready for a tattoo, or do you have a momentary whim?
I broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend, and I want something new!
Yes / No
I do it to have more exciting photos
Yes / No
I want the name of my friend written on my body.
Yes / No
Because all my friends already have tattoos.

Yes / No
Did you answer "yes" to even one of the above questions? Sorry, but you're not ready for a tattoo yet.

36% of you are ready to take tattoo wright now

Let's face it - it hurts.

It is certain - it's not going to be pleasant, and it is difficult to say exactly how much because each person has a different pain threshold. However, we have prepared a scheme comparing the other areas to know what approximately to expect.
Degree of pain: weak
The outer part of the arm
It's like being scratched by a domestic cat. Because there is muscle and subcutaneous fat here, it does not hurt as much as in other areas.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Don't hesitate.
Degree of pain: high
Wrist or ankle
They are not the most pleasant places to get a tattoo because they consist mainly of bones. Prepare something to squeeze (stress ball or a friend's hand).

Is it worth it?

Yes - it will hurt, but the result will be super strong!
Degree of pain: very high
It's like cutting yourself deep with a knife, over and over again. The skin covering the ribs is super thin, so be prepared for pain if you decide.

Is it worth it?

It's not pleasant at all, but it will look gorgeous.
Caution: Drinking alcohol before the procedure causes heavy bleeding, affecting the quality of the tattoo.

What next?

Don't worry that your tattoo looks disgusting and rough to the touch. The healing process takes about two to three weeks, and you will feel itchy, peeling, and dry skin while it lasts.
Footnote: You will probably have to give up heavy training (sweating is undesirable because it "opens" the pores, leading to infections and irritation). Use appropriate products to facilitate the transition from injured to healthy skin.

Everything to expect after the tattoo
Don't worry, the tattoo from the beginning looks disgusting and is rough to the touch. The healing process takes about two to three weeks, you will feel itching, peeling, drying of the skin while it lasts.
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